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Choosing Part Time Maid Service Or Full Time Maid?

Choosing Part Time Maid Service Or Full Time Maid?

Don’t know if you should choose part time Maid Service or full time maid? As an ex-employer of an Indonesian maid, I would like to share with the new employers about the difference between a full time maid and a part time maid. Based on the latest system, new employers have to pay a fee of about $1150 to $1700, and will not have to borrow money to the full time maid. As for the maid, she will have to borrow money from the bank depending on if she has previous experience or not. In addition, se will have to repay the borrowed money within about 9 months or less. Employers also have to pay for the maid’s medical fees, insurance, food, lodging, airfares, transport fees, levies and etc. On top of that, while the employers are working, they have to worry about the safety of their old-aged parents & young ones being looked after by the full time maid.
Choosing Part Time Maid Service Or Full Time
Employers must also understand that there is no privacy at home with full time maid around. Starting from next year onwards, it is compulsory for new employers to give full time maids one off day every week. In this case, employers have to find other alternatives or arrangements for their young ones and elderly at home.

However, the system of hiring a part time maid will be entirely different and even much cheaper than hiring a full time one. Let us take a look at an example of a professional cleaning company which charges a one-time fee which includes replacement of part time maids. Cleaning company charge varies according to frequency/day of service, size of apartment/house and etc. Hourly cleaning rates for weekdays will be cheaper than weekends/public holidays.

The Part time maid will go over to the employers’ houses to perform general housekeeping duties and employers can be assured that their house is kept clean and tidy at the end of the day. Part time maids work during the daytime when employers are working outside or doing home-based business. After the maids have finished their tasks, they will be leaving the employers’ houses. In addition, employers can have the freedom of privacy at home after work or when the part time maids are not around. Some cleaning company may provide babysitting/ elderly care services but there will be additional cost involved on top of the cleaning rates.

Whether to choose a full time maid or part time maid, employers must go through licensed or registered company for assistance. It is illegal to hire a full time maid to work on hourly rates and the maid may get repatriated to her home country.

How to Avoid Engaging Illegal Part-Time Maid

In this modern era, most of us will require someone to shoulder our burden of housework if we are working full time and do not have a live in maid.

Getting a part-time maid not only can relieve our workload, it free us from the time need to spend on these chores. But one thing we have to be aware is, getting an illegal part-time maid will result a brush with the law.

Here are some tips to avoid engaging illegal part-time maid:
Illegal Part Time Maid

  1. Check their identifications if you are hiring directly from advertisement

If you are hiring direct from advertisement in the newspapers, ask for their identifications and have a brief interview with the applicants. Have a few choices on hand and do a selection. Screen through their details to find out any loop holes. Observe their expressions during the interview and you can find if they are lying.

If they are unable to provide identifications, ask for their work permits or other type of identification papers. But do aware that if they are work permit workers who are already employed somewhere; it advisable not to hire them as it is illegal.

  1. Go through recognized and accredited maid agencies

There are a lot of employment agencies in Singapore that provide part-time maids. Once you select someone suitable, ask for their bio-data, credentials or letters of recommendation. You can also ask your relatives and good friends which agency they got their legal part-time maids.

  1. From Word of Mouth

Ask your neighbors, relatives and friends where their legal part-time maid is from. You may want to look for the same part-time maid company. You can even be assured that besides they are part-time legal maids, they are good candidates as their credentials were already assessed. This is another source for you to engage a legal helper.

  1. Use a Team of Cleaners in One Go

There is a kind of service where you can employ a team of cleaners to clean at one go. As this team was formed by the agency, they have already been trained and screened. It will be a faster service as more people can clean your house in one go.

  1. Other Alternatives

a) If you are afraid of hiring illegal part-time maids, get their details screen by Ministry of Manpower or Immigration Department.

b) Try to find innovative ways to lighten your housework. Eg send your dirtied clothing to laundry.

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