benefits of hiring a cleaning service

A clean house always means a happy house. You need to make your house look neat and tidy in order to stay healthy at the end of the day. Living in a clean house is important. It is your duty to keep your house germs free and filter the unwanted dust with the help of a cleaning service. And when you say a sharjah cleaning service, we’re talking about professional cleaners for all your al ain cleaning services.

Cleaning your own home and cleaning someone else’s home professionally is a whole different ballgame. You have to be very thorough when cleaning professionally. Clients are paying you for a luxury service and they expect and deserve top notch cleaning. Always do an initial thorough cleaning on the first cleaning.

The best thing to do when starting out is to ask some friends and family members if you can clean their homes for free or at a discounted rate. I know the thought of cleaning for free is not appealing but you will not only gain much-needed experience but you will get some good testimonials and references (which you will need when you obtain those first clients).

When first starting out don’t worry about how long it takes to clean a home, always do an initial thorough cleaning on the first cleaning. After you have been cleaning for a while you will become more efficient and will be able to do a thorough cleaning in a lot less time.

Providing Exceptional Customer Service
The key to being successful in the house dubai cleaning service is not only providing a great service but offering exceptional “customer service”

You need to be accessible to your clients at all times (during normal business hours of course) either by phone or by email. Be sure to answer all emails from clients in a reasonable amount of time. If you are going to be away from your business phone, have your calls forwarded to your cell phone. We all know how annoying it is to try to call someone several times only to constantly get to their

voice-mail and no return call. Clients understand that you can’t be expected to sit by your phone at all times, but they do expect a call back shortly if they leave a message.

If you don’t respond to your clients requests in a reasonable amount of time they will likely go somewhere else.

If a client calls to complain about something that wasn’t cleaned properly, let them know that you will make every effort to take care of the problem. Go back to the home and re clean the area that the client isn’t happy with or send an employee to do the cleaning. This will show your client that you do care that they are satisfied with their cleaning.

When arriving at a clients home, if they are home when you arrive to clean, make sure you smile and greet the client “Good morning, how are you today” Be polite and friendly and show an interest in how your client is doing. Don’t complain to clients about how tired you are or that you are having a bad day. You are there as a professional cleaner to clean their home and you should present yourself as a professional.

Always Smile, everyone loves to see a smiling face walk through their door.

Get to know your clients and what they expect from you. They will let you know how they want their home cleaned and what cleaning tasks are really important to them.

Try to include a few extra services on your cleaning schedule. Those other services may add charges (changing sheets, dusting blinds, cleaning glass doors are a few examples)

One Time Thorough House Cleaning Consists Of The Following:

Remove cobwebs

Vacuum all carpets

Change sheets if needed

Dust ceiling fans

Clean mirrors and glass surfaces

Wipe window sills

Clean glass doors

Clean prints on windows/doors

Remove all garbage

Reline waste baskets

Wash all floors

In The Bathrooms

Clean/sanitize sinks

Clean/sanitize tubs, shower, toilet

Clean mirrors

Dust light fixtures and bulbs

Wash Floors

In The Kitchen

Clean all counter tops

Clean inside/outside microwave

Wipe down cabinet facings

Clean all appliances outside

Polish stainless steel appliances

Clean glass doors

Clean/sanitize/polish sinks

Wash floors

Whole House

Clean all wall hangings

Remove books and clean bookshelves

Wet-wash baseboards and door facings

Clean window sills

Clean inside windows

Clean light fixtures

Clean outsides of cabinets in kitchen and bathrooms

Clean ceiling fans

Dust vents

What does professionally cleaned mean?
Cleaning to a professional standard, while hard to define exactly, generally means cleaning to a high standard. … Here are some tasks you might be expected to complete if cleaning to a professional standard: Empty all trash and replace trash bags.

When it comes to cleaning, one person’s view of cleanliness can differ from another, regardless of whether they are a landlord, a tenant or an owner-occupier. It is important that tenants be aware that abu dhabi cleaning service is not subject to fair wear and tear, meaning that the property should be as clean upon return as it was at the start of the tenancy.

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